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The Jensen Litigation Firm, PLLC represents contractors in construction disputes. People hire us to understand their rights and to fight for those rights. If you need an attorney to fix a problem on a construction project, we can help. Contact us now to preserve any remedies you have.

What are common types of construction contractor claims in Minnesota?

Construction disputes involving contractors may lead to a wide variety of claims.  Such claims may include:

  • Breach of contract
  • Negligence
  • Misrepresentation
  • UCC claims
  • New-home and home-improvement warranty claims under Chapter 327A.
  • Express and implied warranties for CICs under Chapter 515B
  • Other claims

Because the dispute may involve several stakeholders in the project, the litigation may be complex with claims, counterclaims, cross-claims, third-party claims. 

For more questions about breach of contract issues, see 50 FAQs About Breach of Contract in Minnesota

What are a few practical things to consider?

To prosecute or defend a claim, the party may need an expert such as an engineer to give an opinion on the cause of any problems, the party responsible, proposed repairs, and the estimated cost of repairs. The contractor's insurer may have a duty to defend the claim, even if it is unlikely that the insurance policy will cover damages.

Often, it may be in the participants' best interests to consider settlement options before diving into complex civil litigation that may eat into their budgets for the project. Sometimes, the cost of repair may be less than the cost to litigate it. In those cases, a practical solution may be better than litigating it. However, many cases involve larger repairs and issues that must be litigated to an outcome.  

We have the knowledge and experience to handle contractor disputes. Do not hesitate to contact us if:

  • You own property and there are disputes related to your project.
  • You own property and there are defects in the work performed.
  • You are a general contractor or subcontractor in a contract dispute with the owner or other project participants.
  • You are a general contractor or subcontractor that has been sued for work on a project.

With offices in Shakopee (Scott County) and Litchfield (Meeker County), we handle contractor disputes throughout the Twin Cities and Greater Minnesota. 

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